In 2012, following a successful tenure as an Advanced Technological Education (ATE) regional center, the National CyberWatch Center (NCC) was funded to serve as the ATE program's national center for cybersecurity education. Having fulfilled that role, NCC has transitioned to an ATE resource center, with a narrower scope, and continues to host some of the key resources and activities that it previously developed to support cybersecurity education and workforce development in community colleges. The resource center pursues three broad goals:

(1) Capacity Building: Promote, support, and enhance the capability of programs, faculty, and students based on effective models of impact.
(2) Dissemination: Broadly distribute exemplary programs, practices, and materials.
(3) Research: Advance the development of evidence-based strategies and practices for cybersecurity education and workforce development.

Working closely with other ATE centers, NCC continues its role as a national leader in community college cybersecurity education. Its activities will build on valuable efforts that it launched during its period as a regional and national ATE center. 

ATE Award Metadata

Award Number
0501828, 0902747, 1204533, 1601150, 2054753
Funding Status
ATE Start Date
October 1st, 2005
ATE Expiration Date
September 30th
ATE Principal Investigator
David Tobey
Primary Institution
Prince George's Community College
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