Biden Administration Funds Technology Hubs

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The Biden administration announced a significant investment of $504 million in grants for twelve technology hubs across the U.S., including locations in Ohio, Montana, Nevada, and Florida. This funding aims to support advancements in fields like quantum computing, biomanufacturing, lithium batteries, computer chips, and personalized medicine. The initiative seeks to spread technological innovation beyond major metropolitan areas such as San Francisco and New York City.

The funding is part of the Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration efforts, with President Biden previously designating 31 tech hubs in October 2023. The administration is advocating for additional funding to ensure all designated hubs receive the support needed to thrive.

Funded tech hubs include:
- $41 million for Elevate Quantum Tech Hub (CO, NM)
- $41 million for Headwaters Hub (MT)
- $51 million for Heartland BioWorks (IN)
- $51 million for iFAB Tech Hub (IL)
- $21 million for Nevada Tech Hub
- $40 million for NY SMART I-Corridor Tech Hub (NY)
- $44 million for ReGen Valley Tech Hub (NH)
- $45 million for SC Nexus for Advanced Resilient Energy (SC, GA)
- $19 million for South Florida ClimateReady Tech Hub
- $51 million for Sustainable Polymers Tech Hub (OH)
- $51 million for Tulsa Hub for Equitable & Trustworthy Autonomy (OK)
- $51 million for Wisconsin Biohealth Tech Hub (WI)

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